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Originally Posted by NCcarguy View Post
Yet I don't recall seeing a Prius, Fiat, SmartCar, or other midget vehicle, but if you have no common sense, you would use an article like that as a reason to buy one of those tiny vehicles, and be crushed to death by a Dodge Ram truck where the driver walks away without a scratch.
....and the truck drives away without a scratch...

Originally Posted by SeaJay View Post
What gets me is many of those folks are doing it to be green, use less fuel and save the environment (to each their own).

However, they would be saving an additional 10 or more percent if they just slowed down, no quick accelerations, keep to the speed limit, no speeding into stop signs, etc. Form over function.
Read an article in a Denver newspaper a year or so ago citing a study done where speeders were matched to vehicles driven. You guessed it, the Prius drivers were the most likely to be ticketed for speeding. BTW...both my dad and a sister each bought one of the POS and both now drive crazy fast in dad scares the cr*p out of me as he's in his 80's and probably should be driving less...sister argued with me 'til I showed her the article....

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