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Originally Posted by emudryj View Post
Family core, model and values is for sure a contributing factor, but I differ in the social acceptance part... I would go back to the example of the getho poor individual.... most people would follow whats expected of them, but for some reason, a few of those do not accept that and go for more.
My comment earlier was for the slack end of the spectrum.

Me, I feel lazy bc I'm not financially independent yet, but I work 65 hrs a week and am starting a part time gig in my back yard shop that I've rewired and about to put in AC after I finish the ceiling. Got business this weekend as a matter of fact. I've made it a habit to stay steady fking with something otherwise I feel a.d.d. an can't focus on things making me irritable. When I'm at work and waiting on slapdik to catch up I tht bc I would lose it if I had to stare at his lazy arse. I come from a family that makes enough to pay their debts, saves the minimum that they think will be needed, and every time they pay something off they go shopping. My only debt is the mortgage that I look forward to paying off shortly, how short I don't know. Me and the family I've started are going to go way above whats 'expected' of us.
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