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Originally Posted by emudryj View Post
deep thoughs and my theory about the relation between information and success.

Believe it or not, I'm somewhat weird, and tend to have these what/why/when/how/who moments plenty often...
Today, I was driving and saw an AT&T crew laying some fiber optic... so I started thinking about that thread about shutting down the internet and how would it affect me personally. The first thing that came to my mind is how much I use and would miss google and youtube to learn new things....
I’ve used google and youtube for things from changing the heating element on my water heater or replacing the springs on my friend’s garage door, to a homemade weed killer.

This thought derived on the wild amounts of information available now a days and how easy it is for ANYBODY to reach it....

From there, I went with a basic tenet in my life that says "time is gold, but information is power". Information, information, information.... it's all I ask, as much and as good as possible.
Everybody thinks that making decisions is a BIG DEAL (it really is), but how much easier it is if you have all the info you need to make that decision?... pretty easy.

From there I shifted to separation of classes and how everybody complains now a day about the huge and growing breach between people on the low end of the scale and people on the high end of the scale of classes.
Aside from some random external factors that would not affect my theory (and I can address later), it seems to me that the road to success in the past was based on intuition and/or education.

Both are different ways to process/acquire information used to make decisions.
Wealthy people, were in their majority the ones that could get access to an education; ergo making educated better decisions, and in the minority, the people that without a formal education could see or think in a different manner ergo making better decisions than the common person.

Fast forward to this day... (Contrary to the common belief…) The playing field has been leveled by the internet and electronic methods of communication.
Access to humongous amounts of information is readily available for EVERYBODY.
Does this means that education is not a factor anymore? No, no way... proper education is a wonderful advantage in processing these huge loads of info, not because WHAT is learned during the educational process, but because of the training in ASIMILATING information that one may get during the educational process; but on the overall, it does not weight as much as it did in the past.
I remember when I started my bachelor degree in IT, one of the very first classes, the teacher told us that "even though the approved curriculum was current and up to date, whatever we were going to learn during the course of that program will most likely be irrelevant and outdated by the time we graduate"... in a different context but very true...the point he was making was that what we were learning was not as important as learning to “learn”.

So, why is the breach between the "have" and the "have not" still growing if the playing field has been leveled, and access to information is more readily available to make better decisions?
Why is not everybody making perfect decisions and being successful?
Note: The common notion of “success” would point to economic or financial position, but I’m really pointing to success in a broader way…

I know that I’m over simplifying it and there’s several particular situations that could play a role and I’m not addressing, but bear with me….

My theory says the answer to that is: Natural Selection.
Self-improvement desire (or “greed” as some call it) makes some people more prone to wonder and search for information. With more information they learn and make better decisions, with better decisions they get the luxury to make some mistakes and use these mistakes to learn and gather more information to make better decisions in the future, and so on and so forth…. You get the idea….
Some people on the other hand, simple don’t care about information, so no matter how readily available information is, you can shove it down to them intravenously, they will never use it… or learn from it. They will see the same situation going awry over and over, and keep making the same mistake one time after another…
Aside from a very few and far apart exceptions, this is how I can only explain how some people can be born in a super wealthy environment for example, get a perfect education, but end as poor as the homeless next to them, and some other people may be born in the poorest environment, with all the odds against them, but still excel and be successful.

For whatever reason, this ability is granted in different levels, and Mother Nature decided that only a small percentage of the overall race would get it in some form or shape at all.
As most other animal species, the human being would rapidly adapt to become dependent on somebody or something else for their wellbeing if the choice is given. Once adapted to this state of dependency, breaking from it has proven to be very difficult, ergo perpetuating dependency thru different generations.
If you made it all the way down here without getting bored to death and have a twisted mind like mine, I would be interested on hearing your comments...
What am I missing??? Do you agree?
Pass that bong.

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