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I think Newton's First Law is more apt than Natural Selection.

The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.

That force is different for everybody. For some people that force may be needing to spend more time with their kids, so they actually choose to work less.

For others it may be a shiny car or boat so they choose to work more to earn more dollars for that one boat.

Others still may with to own a shipyard making boats - and set that as their goal.

For others still, it may be to help out the starving/sick/poor so they pay their way through college, get a medical degree and then move to Africa.

Thus, those that succeed (in attaining the goals they have set for themselves) have a mental force that pushes them. It is inescapable. They feel guilty if they are not "working towards their goal".

Others are happy sitting in chit and so there is no "force" changing their velocity.

As for me, I set unrealistically low targets and fail to achieve them.
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