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Well I feel qualified to comment on one vehicle on there in a couple of ways. First I'd say the author/news company has there head up there azz on at least one, the pathfinder. They have a picture of an Armada, they can't even get the photo right?? This starting fact alone makes me think they are clowns!

Second, my sister was hit head on by a drunk driver at 55mpg and walked away(after fire cut her out) without a single broken bone or injury in her Pathfinder. Sure she got a ride to the hospital and some bruises but was fine. Incredible! No one could believe it, fire, ems, police, hospital staff. On a side note the SOB who hit her is dead. Finally my father hit black ice (while going to fast admittedly) in his pathfinder(after buying one do to my sisters complete lack of injuries on a crash that likely should have killed her) while rounding a curve, he spun, went off the road, rolled and smashed head on into a huge ground electrical power unit. Huge bruises on his lap area from airbags and wheel but again, no real injuries. These two huge impacts are the reason we owe one so I'd call BS on the story. Your much more likely to die from a head on impact than a rear end collision.
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