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Since this is back on page 1, I'll post something that disturbed me about this whole saga. I felt bad for 41 Luhrs because fighting a corporate entity is very difficult. But never in this whole deal did I read from him that he was actually fishing his boat, (according to someone from JYS) during the prime fishing periods of the year. If I missed that somewhere then I stand corrected & apoligize. But he repeatedly said the boat was just sitting idle & Luhrs was doing nothing. That is a critical piece of information to withhold along with the vessel apparently becoming as issue to the US Marshall's office & a lawsuit filed by JYS. On the other hand Luhr's should have either corrected or scrapped the defective hull very early in the process, not release it to the public. I'll never be able to afford a boat like that but I hate to see another American made product disappear.
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