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Default RE: How to keep my Best Friend from chewing my shoes?

I have a 2 year old Lab, that has never destroyed anything in the house. My neighbor's got a Lab around the same time we did, and he ate up everything in the house. My buddy is a police dog trainer and gave me these tips. 1. Buy a cage. A big enough one where he can grow into it. 2. When you can not have your eyes on the puppy, put him in the cage. (going to bed at night, leaving the house,etc...) 3. Buy the bitter apple stuff and sqirt it around baseboards, couch corners, and anything else you think he may chew. 4. Have a couple of bones for him to chew on. Never give him anything, like an old shoe or rope, to play with. He will get confused and grab other things he is not supposed to chew. Only let his mouth come in contact with his bones. 5. If he even sniffs or licks anything but his bone, in a very loud voice YELL "Leave it", or "NO". 6. Repeat for the next 6 months untill he gets out of the chewing stage and realizes he can only chew on his bones. It's a pain, but puppies are a lot of work. We weaned our dog off of the cage thing at about 8 months. By 1 year, he had the roam of the house. Works great!!! Good Luck!!!
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