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GLOUCESTER, Mass. -- A Coast Guard helicopter rescued three fishermen from a sinking boat Wednesday afternoon.

David Boeri Reports On Fisherman
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NewsCenter 5's David Boeri reported that one of the fishermen was Rick Shatford, whose brother, Bobby, died on the Andrea Gale. The movie "The Perfect Storm" was based on the story of the lost vessel.

"We had quite a lot of weight. (The boat) was riding low. Water came and just kept coming in. We could never catch up to it," said Rick Shatford.

Shatford and his two crewmates, Lewis Mitchell and Brian Clancy, were 45 miles off Gloucester when their boat, the Hollywood, began to sink. The crew had a life raft and two survival suits.

"It hits pretty close to home. My brother Bobby passed away. He was lost at sea on the Andrea Gale in 1991," said Shatford's brother, Rusty.

A Coast Guard Falcon jet was training off Cape Ann and heard the Hollywood's mayday call just before 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. A Coast Guard helicopter en route to the Merrimack River was sent to the scene.

"The helicopter was diverted to the scene, it got on scene and deployed their rescue swimmer," said Coast Guard Chief Boatswain's Mate Robert Breaker.

"All I heard was that a boat went down, and it really rattled me," said Shatford's sister, Mary Anne.

"It was great Coast Guard day -- we managed to save three lives, save three fisherman," said Breaker.

The Coast Guard reminded boaters and fishermen that life rafts and survival suits save lives.
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