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Default RE: Pats with the cheap win...Who agrees?

crackerasscracker - 2/6/2005 10:55 PM having played quarterback, I'd like to give you something to think about next time you watch a football game...and get down on a QB As a QB 1) you need to know the plays...all of them...and you need to know what everyone else on you team will do on each play 2) you need to be able to understand what a defense is doing while the defense tries to hide what they are doing... 3) You have to repeat the play in the huddle and assign a snap count and then remember both while walking up to the line... 4) Once at the line, you have to look at the defense and decide if you are going with the primary play...the secondary play...or go to a called audible.... 5) You then receive the snap, where a strong guy slams the ball into your hands while you are beginning to back up.. 6) Assuming it is a pass, you take your 3, 5, or 7 step drop while beginning to go through your progression of do this on feild level, it looks a lot more chaotic than the view you get on TV....with tall large, guys in front of you, some of whom will be hitting you in about two seconds whether you throw the ball or not 7) You make your read, find the proper receiver, and then you throw...but you do not throw the ball to the receiver, you throw the ball to a spot where the receiver will be and where the defenders will not be.... 8) you get knocked on the ground by a 300 lb freak of nature with no way of breaking your fall.. 9) now, go and do this 80 more times in the next three hours and don't mess up.....
You forgot one! While over center, I.D. the "D" formation and let the line know what it is so they can audible their assignments.

Hey....sounds like you described Brady!
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