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Originally Posted by golfcop13 View Post
I found the update on gags after I posted. Sounds like they are trying to wait until the gags get so far off shore that only the commercial guys can get to them. Thanks for the heads up though.
They should not be allowed to change the regs for a year after the FWC book is published.
The bolded part is an excellent point. I picked up a couple of reg books last week at Sports Authority, and they still list Gags as opening April 1st. Anyone picking up those books is going to think season is indeed reopening this weekend.

Originally Posted by golfcop13 View Post
What about the Federal waters (9miles out)? Can we take gags there on Sunday?
Nope. Not until July. The only place its opening Sunday is in some state watersoff the panhandle in the counties listed in my post above (according to the FWC site, which is confusing as ass hell)

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