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Default Southern Comfort

There is a "hot" thread going on in the Boaters Forum about oversize (width) boats being trailored. A guy named Harry is quoting law etc. Since my boat is 8'6" I don't have a dog in that fight ,and besides, everything that could be said was said in the 1st 20 comments. It is now on page 7. I figured I'd just read some of the "interesting" comments and keep still. That is, until Harry began to rag on southerners.

I was born and lived in the north for over 50 years until I took early retirement and moved to Dixie. I've been here for 6 years and have never looked back. One of the nicest compliments I have received came from a native Southerner who said " You were raised in the North, but you got here as soon as you could".

I won't trash the North - I have many wonderful friends there - but the other day I was traveling slowly in heavy traffic and stopped to let someone enter from a parking lot. Within a second or two the guy behind me was leaning on his horn. I could not help but to say to myself " Mister, you must be from the North". And, I love that bumper sticket that says, " I really don't care how you did it up North".

The folks in the South are friendly and have their priorities right. I am proud to reside amoung them. Maybe in a gereration or two I'll be one.

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