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Black and red grouper DOES open April 1st, but....Monroe County anglers, check your regs before you go.

Gag Grouper does NOT open Sunday in the Gulf.

The only areas gags will open is up in the panhandle. In the rest of the Gulf, we have to wait until July 1st (through October)

Gag Grouper Commission Update:

Gulf: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission adopted new management measures for Gulf of Mexico gag grouper at the February 2012 Commission meeting.

The following changes have been adopted:

Setting the recreational open season from July 1 through Oct. 31 (except for state waters off of Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties including all waters of Apalachiocola Bay and Indian Pass, including those in Gulf County, and all waters of the Steinhatchee River, including those in Dixie County.)..

Lowering the minimum commercial size limit from 24 inches to 22 inches total length

The Commission also determined that an April 1, 2012, through June 30, 2012, gag grouper harvest season was warranted in the state waters off Taylor, Jefferson, Wakulla and Franklin counties, including all waters of Apalachicola Bay, Indian Pass and the Steinhatchee River. This area of state waters will be closed to recreational gag grouper harvest for the remainder of the year.

The smaller size limit will not allow commercial fishermen to harvest more fish because gag grouper is on a quota system, meaning only a certain number of fish can be harvested. The smaller size limit will decrease the amount of fish deaths.

Current regs:

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