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Default RE: Insurance help please

Not sure about PA but in NC the law is not specific as to when to add them but is very specific as to how long they can charge the youthful rates. Most companies add them when they get their license. You have coverage either way. NC surcharges for two years, then there is a reduced surcharge for another year. Not sure about Pa.

Be careful on two things. One, (Lets assume that Pa. is two years) If they add them at 15 1/2 they have to reduce the rates at 17 1/2. Its driving experience, not age. Two, if they add them in the middle of a policy period they have to reduce the rates two years later, in the middle of the policy period. Some companies will want to wait until the policy renews. Pa law may also state that the rates are reduced after being "licensed" for two years. If that's the case don't add them until they actually get their license.

Now to the important thing. Sit them down and tell them that some insurance guy from NC said that there is a reason their rates are high. Tell them to pay attention, slow down, and stay off the damned cell phone. One in four is going to have some type of accident. I have just seen too many tragedies.

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