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Originally Posted by hottoddie View Post
Friend of mine had the roof on his 20X20 additiion replaced by his nephew about 6 years ago. The main house has a 6 pitch roof that transitions to a 2 pitch on the addition. The addition also has 2 fixed skylights. His nephew put on architecual shingles over 15 lb felt and I don't know if he put any ice and water along the lower edge of the roof or not. I have advised him that the roof should have been either roll roofed or membrane roofed when it was done and it that to try and patch the roof is a waste if time. He is tight on cash at the moment and wants a cheap fix. Anyone have any experience with the roof coatings that you roll on to seal the leaks? I am sceptical and doubt it will work and he should live with the occasional leaks and wait till he get the roof done the right way. What do you guys think?
Get a 25' x 25' blue tarp till he has the cash to do it right.