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Default RE: Failed emissions test in NJ

[QUOTE]LI Sound Grunt - 2/5/2005 2:51 PM

Light) light illumination is not tightening the cap until it clicks. Just tighten the cap and after som many restarts the system should reset and light go out. QUOTE]

Just one comment about tightening the cap and having the MIL reset itself after so many restarts. The light will not reset based on restarts but only on drive cycles that pass the test. A drive cycle consists of a number of factors such as engine temp, road speed and even how much fuel is in the tank. For instance, the system won't even test itself if the fuel level is less than 15% or more than 85%. For Evap, the vehicle must pass two consecutive drive cycles before the light would reset itself. I just didn't want to see somebody replace their cap then continually restart the car hoping the light went out. The only thing you'll be doing at that point is shopping for a starter.
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