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Originally Posted by maxie View Post
Wish I had a sandpaper supply business in your area...

with all that surface area you'll have spaghetti arms at the end of each day.....sectioning off into pieces is a good way not to get too overwhelmed about the project......you mentioned epoxy for the top, but what will you be using it for? What will you use for paint on the freshly sanded cabin and bilge areas? Epoxy primer and 2 part paint? Standard bilge paint? VC Performance Epoxy paint? Just curious...
I start working on the boat about 10am and don't finish till 6pm. I come in the house, take a shower, and fall on the couch (That's where I'm at now). Words can't describe how tired I am. Being bent over in the cabin for 8 hours a day sucks. I spend every min. of those 8 hours SANDING.Thanks for the tip. I'll start sectioning it off because it is overwhelming. The epoxy for the top is for the 1,237 stress cracks that's through out the flybridge and through out the boat (yes I'm exaggerating but there is a lot of them). I was going to start the restoration on the flybridge. I have to address the stress crack before I can do anything else. Since the epoxy wasn't in I started on the cabin. I thought the flybridge was fiberglassed but it's not. The only thing that's fiberglassed is the outside of the boat from the rub rail down. I thought about fiberglassing the flybridge but the boat is in very good condition for 50 years old with only paint protecting the wood so I'll keep it that way. For the bilge paint I will be using BilgeKote by interlux. The cabin doesn't need marine paint because it want be exposed to nothing so I'll use a very good exterior paint. Only the cabin will have exterior paint but the pilot house flybridge and everywhere else I will be using Supermarine 2 Part Epoxy.