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1st day of the project started in the cabin. There are no structural issues with this boat just cosmetic. Inside the cabin the paint is piling and there is a little mildew so there's a lot of sanding to do. I have the boat broken down into about 6 sections in the order I plain on starting on and finishing with. I also shop vac ALL and I say ALL the water out of the bilges. I HATE when a bilge have water in it. I was going to start at the top and work down (flybridge) but my epoxy resin want be in until tomorrow so that's why I made the decision to start inside the cabin. The only thing that will be done inside the cabin is painting (have not decided the colors), changing the dome light to LED, installing a flat screen tv, and I'm going to do teak floors. I think the teak floors will make the cabin pop (POP <--- I've been watching to much HGTV). After the cabin is done I will be starting on the flybridge. Once I get to the flybridge I will let you no then what my plains are for the flybridge. Stay toon
Wish I had a sandpaper supply business in your area...

with all that surface area you'll have spaghetti arms at the end of each day.....sectioning off into pieces is a good way not to get too overwhelmed about the project......you mentioned epoxy for the top, but what will you be using it for? What will you use for paint on the freshly sanded cabin and bilge areas? Epoxy primer and 2 part paint? Standard bilge paint? VC Performance Epoxy paint? Just curious...