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Default RE: What are some pet peeves you have regarding people on your dock?

My biggest pet peve: returning from an evening of boating to find someone in my slip. Has happened on more than one occasion. These are secure slips, but the restaurant feels free to give out the combination. My usual approach is to tie up to the offending boat. Strategicaly place any left over bait in difficult to find locations on said boat. Walk into the restaurant. They almost always know the offending party. Approach the offending party. Politley ask them to move their boat. They almost always ask me if I can wait. Depending on my time frame, this is answered with a sure, you buy me and my party all the food and drink we want, this is an expensive retaurant. One guy said sure, when he was done, I walked out with him, removed the bait from his boat, got a ton of laughs from his group, and he went on his way.

On two other occasions it came down to me telling him he had 5 minutes to remove his boat or I would have no choice but to move it myself. When the guy gets to his boat ask him if he can read. There are no less than 4 large signs this guy walked by forbidding him to tie up in the slips. Always makes me nervous that this joker is going to damage my property when I am not around.

One other pet peve. If you borrow someones hose. Really I don't mind. Return it as neatly coiled as you foud it.

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