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I've done it for national ecommerce websites, but never for anything regional. Once you have the proper conversion tracking setup, it's really just playing with the many many variables that you can control in order to get the best ROI.

For conversion tracking, I'd track whatever people do on your website that best indicates the amount of money that you will make from them. For us, it was easy because we could use our actual sales prices in our analytics. For non-ecommerce sites, I'd probably attach "goals" as they're called to contact forms. It's possible to set several different goals and attach a separate $ value to each.You'd then have to make your own projections as to how many contacts and sales you should attribute to that particular mix of ad variables. By ad variables I mean keyword, ad headline, ad text, landing page, day of the week, etc. Like I said, there are tons of variables that you can use to your advantage in Adwords. It will certainly harder to split test variables with a small campaign, but you'll just have to realize that ahead of time and not try to test too many different variables at once.

If I were a small business, I'd probably pay someone to set it up for me. I think the difference in profitably between a professionally set up one and one you're trying to figure out yourself makes it worth it. Especially when you figure in your time. When I was managing adwords accounts a few years ago, most companies wanted you to pay them a monthly fee for account management. I'd say it's worth it while they're doing the primary split testing, but after a while you notice that the profit on your campaign isn't growing like it used to.

I wish I had more experience with smaller ad budgets to share with you. You'll have to do the math when it comes to your particular business to see what makes sense. I'm happy to answer any questions if you have them.

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I can't seem to find a company that wants to work with me with ad words without working me over with key words that do nothing but eat money.
I don't know if you were measuring the effect of these keywords or not, but sometimes you'd be surprised what brings in the money. This is especially true when on the content network instead of the search network. There are a lot of companies that offer ppc services that have no clue what they're doing though. It seems like every web design agency offers ppc services, even if the person doing them has barely any experience creating profitable campaigns.
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