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Originally Posted by 28memco View Post
This is a 1st for me. I never had a boat where you have to dip a stick in the tank to see how much fuel you have. I was told that's the most accurate way for a boat owner to truly no how much fuel he has. I think it's cool to do it this way but I think it'll get old fast or maybe that's the lazy American in me that wants to look down at a fuel gauge. Attachment 226340

Attachment 226341

Fuel Dipstick! My Dad had a 1928 Wheeler with a 120 h.p. Gray Marine...It was a Lapstrake Boat..Big Giant Hand Bildge Pump ,AND the "Fuel Dipstick"!! I remember going out and once the Boat started pushing water up the sides to the dried Lapstrakes,water would start coming in the Cabin.YIKES!!!Thought we were going to sink!!!

Dad said,Ah,Don't worry its normal! I'd grab the Handle of that[I think Brass] Bildge pump and start pumping!!! Also remember the Big mechanical shift lever..You had to actually Ram the thing into gear!
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