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As to who Jim Smith was: Jim and Mabry raced outboard hydroplanes during the forties, and bacame friends, actually more like friendly rivals ,Jim raced from the 20's to the late 40's. I am thinking Mabry came on the scene later in jims racing career as Mabry was younger. Jim Smith was born in 1906 passed in 94 or so.They formed a loose partnership and shared a shed at the jacksonville airport and built a few boats together I think there was a picture or two of this boat among Jims old boat picture collection. the last boat jim built in thie jacksonville airport shed was a 52 footer, pictures of which are in a thread on this site "oldest known Jim Smith flybridge" The 35 footer with the flying saucer/electric ladder tower was also built in their jacksonville shed 58 or 59 or so, the 52 in 62-63.There is a video of this 35 in the Jim Smith thread. the 53 Boca Jima V also in a thread video was built in pompano. There is more history in the thread. Mabry was a career airforce man If I remember right He was a full Bird Colonel. Jim reached more notoriety as a boat builder The company that was his, is still in business almost 20 years after his passing Google Jim Smith Boats. I named my company Tribute Performance Boats as a Tribute to Him. Rich

As usual, great info. Really cool to hear you named your company in honor of Jim.
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