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Default RE: What are some pet peeves you have regarding people on your dock?

Ok guys, I'll retract # 16. Sorry if I sounded like a grump... I work Wednesday to Sunday so today is my Monday.

What I mean is this... I don't charge anyone for anything they aren't getting, but I don't give away free rent just because you want.

Example: I call a woman to tell her that she is at the top of the waiting list. She is allowed a reasonable amount of time to look it over and accept the slip, but once she says she wants it, she is financially responsible. It takes her another month for her to return her contract, which is grounds for dismissal in and of itself. When I receive it, it is accompanied by the invoice I sent all marked up and changed. Suddenly the slipholder gets to decide what she pays for the slip.

Would you ever mark up your electricity bill, or your phone bill, and send it back with only the amount you think you should pay?? Or would you tell your landlord you don't think you should have to pay that much and this is what you're going to pay now?
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