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When I was 21 the last thing I wanted to do was hang around a girls parents. No offense to you or the girls I dated, just wanted to be doing my own thing without you looking over every fault. And lets face it at 21 we all have tons of faults.

The only parents I ever felt comfortable with were the realy smart ones that laid things out on the table for me.

"This is what we want for our daughter, this is what we expect from you, were not your friend were her parents but we can be friendly, understand the difference."

Dad was super nice and so was mom, they were rich and educated, I'm sure they new I was the flavor of the month but they were very nice, I always liked direct kind of people and always liked them.

no easy answer for you, but if the guy isn't warming up to you, let him slip away, you can't force it. My little one is 2 and I don't look forward to the day when I'm on your end. But by then I'll be 65 and be more like a grandfather (I hope).

Best of luck, educate her and it'll be OK. (That's what I keep telling myself)
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