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This....Leave her/him alone. I mean you should speak how you feel to her in a nice way. Talk about how you feel and it at that! The WORST thing you can do is try and tell her what to do. You will push her away faster then you can read this message. My dad and I might talk once a month because of this.I'll admit I'm super fast to hit the ignore button on my phone if I see his name pop up.Its sad but true. I can not do anything right in his eyes and its gets old really fast. Even tho I have my own in a $350k house and haven't received $.01 from him since I was 16(I'm 28 now).In a nut shell....remind her how much you love her every day... and like I say....speak your mind(in a nice way) about him....and leave it at that and never bring it up again. And don't treat her any different if she don't take your advice or take into consideration how you feel. You don't want that kind of relationship with your kid...I wish every day my dad would change but I have tried my best. I wish you the best for both of you guys sake
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