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Default Touchy Subject - daughters boyfriend

O.K. so I need some input from others that may have been through this. First off, to give some perspective our only child is an 18 y/o dishwater blond, blue eyed senior. Very attractive, and not just Dad saying so, it's true (sorry you ain't getting pics). Very good kid, never caused any trouble, works hard at a part time job and goes to school. Planning to attend the local college next year and study Dental hygiene, Radiology or P.T. She has had a few boyfriends over the years but always were younger and none ever had a job or drove. The current bo is 21, has his own ride, takes her places and spends money on her; overall seems like a good guy, not a trouble maker, but just doesn't sit right her mother and I. Not real sociable and doesn't seem like he wants to spend any time around us. Our feelings are he's kinda swept her off her feet because he's the first guy to ever really pick her up and take her on a date and such. Most times he doesn't even come to the door; he texts her and she meets him outside. It's apparent that he's lacking a father and doesn't grasp the "gentlemanly" aspect of dating. I had to teach her last bo how to tie a tie, and this one is probably the same. He often complains of being tired after working all day and not really into the things she is. At 21 I could work 26 hrs. straight and then still hang and party with my girl with enthusiasm for hours on end. Our daughter has a bubbly fun and lively personality, while he seems dull and unmotivated. Are her mother and I making too much of this, how do you deal with these things? We really don't like the thought of spending a lot of time around him. We have lots of friends of all ages, and friends with younger adult children that we all have a good time with, this one just doesn't fit in with all the rest. What do you do? Let it ride? Confront him, or her, or what? ;?