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Default RE: What are some pet peeves you have regarding people on your dock?

I have several. First of which are geese, I don't believe that needs any explaination. It really bothers me when friends are over and allow their kids to run carelessly on the docks, I've seen a lot of people really get hurt when they trip over or stump their toe on cleat. Another is inexperienced boaters, as well as some experience, who can't grasp the idea of docking the boats so that the bow faces the entrance of the cove to keep them from getting beat against the docks whenever a large cruiser comes by. I mounted additional cleats on my dock so that I can run spring lines whenever I am docked for a long period of time, it never fails that someone will unhook a bow or stern line under the impression of "whats up with all this rope" resulting in me spending great amounts of time polishing out scuffs. The biggest of all has got to be the bass fishermen who constantly throw jigs on and around my dock, often resulting in lures laying on the dock. It hasn't happened on my dock yet, but I know of several people who have stepped on trebble hooks becuase of this, which I cant imagine would in anyway be a pleasant experience.
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