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Default RE: What are some pet peeves you have regarding people on your dock?

As a dockmaster, I've got dozens of pet peeves.

1. People who clutter up the dock with their junk so no one can get by.
2. People who throw their lines across the dock when they leave so everyone else can trip over them.
3. People who leave their dinghies in their slip so they fill with rainwater.
4. People who chain things, like a dinghy, to fragile parts of the dock, like the waterline or power line, rather than a cleat.
5. Children.
6. People who "decorate" their slip with "Welcome to the Rivah" signs and thermometers and painted life rings and other miscellaneous nautical crap.
7. People who don't pay their rent on time and b*tch about how the marina isn't perfect.
8. People who bring fuel-soaked rags in from the fuel dock when there is a trash can right next to the pump just for that purpose.
9. People who expect lienency with their rent because they are going through financially hard times (Sell the boat, moron!)
10. People who complain about how there isn't enough swing room between the next dock and their own (because they can't drive their boat).
11. People who can't drive their boat.
12. People who use their boat as a condominium; they come down and sit on it every weekend but never take it out (this is very bad for the marina because they never buy any fuel!).
13. New tenants who try to throw their weight around; "I'm a slipholder!"
14. Old tenants who think they own the joint and don't think there is a waiting list a dozen people long who I can set straight from the beginning.
15. People who don't understand "Because I said so" is perfectly valid and plenty of reason to terminate their lease.
16. People who don't realize I am the Great I Am.
17. Transients who think it's ok to tie up to our docks for half the day and not pay.
18. Random people that come into the marina by boat and want a key to our restrooms (we require a signed form and $50 from our TENANTS, and you want me to just GIVE you a key?!)
19. People who never buy gas and complain about the price of fuel.
20. People who buy lots of gas, get big discounts, and still complain about the price of fuel, as if, I personally, am a member of OPEC.

Need I go on?
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