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Happens to me every once in a while. It's hard to describe, but you can tell right away when it's going to be one of those nights. I typically fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow, and wake up about 7 1/2 hours later.

But sometimes, after having a few drinks, I will be tired and can't fall asleep. I did notice a few things though. First, Benadryl, which usually makes me sleepy, only makes it worse. I get even more tired and still can't fall asleep. Second, it seems to be related to how well hydrated I am. If I can remember to keep up with drinking water, it lessens the chance of being unable to sleep. Third, my legs start to feel almost itchy. I feel the need to keep moving my legs into different positions, but that only provides temporary relief, like maybe 2 or 3 minutes. It almost feels like the upper half of my body is ready to fall asleep but the bottom half isn't. That's the best I can describe it. Fourth, although I'm normally a sound sleeper, when this is happening I can only stay asleep for a couple of hours at best, and then have to repeat the whole process again.

So for me the trick was staying away from Benadryl during those times, and doing my best to stay as well hydrated as possible. Taking a sip from a water bottle doesn't cut it - I'm talking about downing 32 ounces or more over the course of an hour.
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