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Originally Posted by Billable Hours View Post
1. That is a good "do it yourself" book - I recommend it myself - however, it is more geared to writing your own application (as far as I can recall), and not guiding you with respect to the big picture and your particular situation.

2. Neither a patent holder nor a law school dean will likely have any idea as to how to properly advise you.

3. A good place to start looking for competitor patents is by doing an assignee search on the USPTO site - however, realize that it is a very clunky and limited search engine.

4. I'm not saying any of this to get you to call me - I am, however, encouraging you to get professional advice from a qualified patent professional instead of chasing sources that do not have any more expertise than you do now . . .

Good luck!
Not sure what field of specialty Kevin is in, but his advice is very good. I would add that if yours is a very technical field, seek out a Patent Attorney with previous or at least similar expertise in your field. You will get up an running much more quickly.
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