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I hope you fully understand the ramifications of "IF's" when it comes to patents.

The big one for me, let's say I invent and patent something in the audio field and Sonie steals the idea out from under me, right in front of my eyes. This is a slam dunk case of they are in the wrong and I am golden. I take them to court but Sonie's legal team tells Sonie I only have one cent to their $1,000,000 and at best I "might" be able to come up with $1,000 to their $1,000,000. What do you think is going to happen? The legal time of Sonie is going to drag their heals until they bury me so far under I've forgotten what a penny looks like and then they’ll give me a token settlement out of court that isn't enough to get my things out of the pawn shop. Oh, and in that out of court settlement chances are I will have to sign something saying Sonie did NOT infringe on my patent rights and they have legal rights to continue down the road they are on.

As I said, understand the “IF’s” before you start laying down the green because it can be a Very Deep Pit.