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Originally Posted by Boatless33 View Post
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm definitely going to check out that book.

Kevin, thank you for your reply. Very informative. As far as the notion of doing some research on competitors and their past history of lawsuits, do you know of any good sources for me to look into. Start at the USPTO site and work down possibly?

drkptt, I admit that I know very little about laws in this area. I simply had an idea and came up with the resources to potentially make it happen. I mentioned infringement specifically as I have heard the term used before and had done a little research on the topic. All areas on the legal spectrum are a concern at this point in time. I know how litigious people are and I want to cover my end as much as possible. Of course there is always the possibility of an extraneous third variable problem that can arise. My intention is to be best prepared for everything foreseeable and that can be immediately addressed.

After making a few calls today, I found out that a good friend's father holds a few patents. I am going to pick his brain a little as soon as I get a chance. Additionally, from what I hear anyway, my school has a rather good law program. I am also going to talk to some Deans over there to get some aditional ideas. With any luck, maybe I can work out a deal with the school to help finance the legal piece of the puzzle. While I don't want to take any shortcuts, I'd much rather the funding go into R&D than legal fees.

1. That is a good "do it yourself" book - I recommend it myself - however, it is more geared to writing your own application (as far as I can recall), and not guiding you with respect to the big picture and your particular situation.

2. Neither a patent holder nor a law school dean will likely have any idea as to how to properly advise you.

3. A good place to start looking for competitor patents is by doing an assignee search on the USPTO site - however, realize that it is a very clunky and limited search engine.

4. I'm not saying any of this to get you to call me - I am, however, encouraging you to get professional advice from a qualified patent professional instead of chasing sources that do not have any more expertise than you do now . . .

Good luck!
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