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Default Micro Center?

I find I need a parallel to USB cable so I can use an old printer on my new laptop. I head to the local Micro Center around 11:00

The store is busy with people buying stuff while on lunch break.

I get in line and notice there is one clerk and 20+ people in line. Two people in front of me put their stuff down and leave so the line is a little shorter.

Management finally notices and send two people to open new registers.

10 minutes later I get my turn to pay for my purchases.

I hand the clerk my cable, get my wallet out and hand her a $10.00 bill for a $9.69 purchase.

Clerk: Sir, I don't take cash. I only take credit or debit.

Me: What do you mean you don't take cash? Cash is king.

Clerk: Cash transactions take too long. I only take cash.

Manager: Sir, go to the next clerk. He takes cash.

Next clerk rings up my purchase. I hand him my ten dollar bill.

Clerk2: Sir, what is your name?

Me: Why do you want to know my name?

Clerk2: We require a name for all cash transactions.

Me: Why do you need my name for a cash transaction?

Clerk2: Store policy. What is your name?

Me: My name is angry customer who doesn't agree with your store policies.

Manager: Oh, tell him the benefits of giving your name for a cash purchase.

Clerk2: By giving your name for cash purchases you get cash back if you return the item.

Me: Huh?

Manager: What he's trying to say is you will still get cash if you return the item but lost the receipt.

Me: I don't lose my receipts.

Manager: It's store policy

Me: You need to review your store policies.

I believe what they are trying to do is obtain enough personal information to put me on a mailing or e-mail list.

Retailers in California used to be able to ask for zip codes but can't do that now.

Anyone ever get this type of response at a retail place? Horrible policy. You'd think I was trying to launder money.

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