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Originally Posted by ContenderBoats View Post
We understand that this looks unprofessional and we are indeed embarrassed. This ad has touched several hands before going to print, and the errors were overlooked by all. Even though misspelled, we believe that the intended message is still easy to read. We do THOUGHTFULLY DESIGN and METICULOUSLY CRAFT each vessel. We like to believe that our boats are born from passion, and we will never arrogantly tell our customers what they want. We let them tell us, and we build it. In our opinion, It is this reason that more world records have been caught on Contender's than any other outboard powered boat according to the IGFA. As for the warranty comments those who are the original owners of Contenders and have had a recent problem will tell you about their pleasant warranty experiences over this past year. In fact we invite you to ask Team Bloodstream about their feelings on their new boat and their warranty service. Contender has been making many positive strides, and we ask you to pay as much attention to that as you do to our spelling errors.

Tight Lines.
I am a Contender owner and love my boat. But I have to be honest. I think the fact that the warranty is not transferable is a major issue, and one that I have personally suffered. Many boats change hands within the first couple of years, thus making the 10 year warranty somewhat illusory. I'm not sure I would re-purchase a Contender because of this.

Perhaps Contender can institute a transfer of warranty program as long as the hull is inspected and an inspection fee paid. That would be reasonable.