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Originally Posted by Just Not Right View Post
The GXM-31 is "plug & play" it hooks up into your 2nd plug input on the back of your 540s (I have the same set up) You can still have an external GPS antenna.
My set up is a 545s with a transducer, seperate water temp sensor, GXM 31 and external GPS antenna puck. Once you have it installed, call XM/Sirius and start subscription using the unit ID# that will show up on your machine... takes about 15 minutes on the phone. (don't hang up til your seeing weather and hearing the radio stations, they never get it right the first time and if you hang up, you start over)
If you dont find a super deal on Ebay, I have a NIB GXM31 ($125.00 shipped) that I wont be needing, PM me.
If the original poster does not want it and it's new in box with the mounting hardware I'll take it. Sent you a PM as well.
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