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I won't make any recommendatoons for this boat/poster as I know nothing about boats this size. Wish I had this problem!!

But regarding some of the other posts:

Originally Posted by narrab View Post
Rudder feedback is a must on a inboard boat
Why is that? My last AP, a Raymarine S1G (Rate Gyro unit with rudder feed****** was TERRIBLE!! Nothing but problems for years with it, including the rudder ref unit. My curent boat, 18,000 lb twin desiel INBOARD, has the Garmin GHP10 intalled with no rudder ref unit. This unit performs flawlessly, at any speed, doing any thing. With or withoug rudder feedback makes no difference to wether the boat is inboard or not.

Originally Posted by scooperfl View Post
I would not use a Garmin on a larger boat. A unit with a rate gyro will steer much better at slower speeds.
Again, the rate gyro unit on my 28', 6000 lb outboard boat was terrible. The Garmin AP (whcih I am not sure if it includes a rate gyro or not??) works perfect, on my 30' 18,000 lb boat.

Furthermore, my GHP10 will hold my boat in place (virtually anchored) in a 2 knot current. It doens't get any "slower" than that. And, it will do that in forward, OR reverse which is pretty amazign if you ask me.

Originally Posted by scooperfl View Post
The Garmin is the obvious choice for a high speed CC, but there are a number of things about the design I do not like for larger boats.
What don't you like for larger boats? Again, I know nothing about large boats, so can't comment on it, but curious what you think the issues are.

Originally Posted by RaySea Lady View Post
I have a Garmin TR1 Gladiator with the higher volume pump on a 58 foot and it runs very well at idle which is approximately 5 knots. No problems at all, I love it.
And there you go, real life BIG boat performance. Still waiting for my invite to go for a ride in that thing!!

Originally Posted by RaySea Lady View Post
Having said that, I beleive Garmin is about to announce something new relative to their auto pilot...
Now that is a tease!!