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Default Garmin 4210s and multiple NMEA 0183 devices

I am working on a new electronics installation and have a couple questions that Garmin tech support canít seem to handle. Hoping someone here can.

I have two Garmin 4210 mfds, and five MNEA 0183 devices. (DSC, AIS, Heading sensor, autopilot, GPS receiver). The 4210s have 5 ports each. The manual says to hook them all to one mfd. I was going to connect 3 to one mfd and 2 to the other mfd, using ports 1,2 and 3 on one mfd and 5 and 6 on the second mfd.

Garmin tech support says this is OK, but the mfds wonít share AIS or DSC data across the Garmin Ethernet network.

Q1. The manual says to connect all 0183 devices to one display. Is this necessary?

Q2. Is it true that DSC and AIS data will not be shared across both displays? It is on my 3xxx series network on my other boat. Is the 4xxx series less capable in this regard? I find that hard to believe, but thatís what Garmin tech support told me. (I think they are confusing the N2K network with the Garmin Ethernet network).

Q3. Are the five NMEA 0183 ports shared between the two networked plotters? Or do I really have 10 ports available?

bonus Question: I will also have a NMEA 0183 intelliducer connected to a GMI-10 on the N2K backbone. I assume depth data is shared across N2K to both MFDs? (this is in addition to the GSD22 networked to the displays, and separately switched).