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It did 11.5 in the 1/4 mile at the drag strip. That was with no prep, nothing. Drive it there and go. It also has 3.08 gears in it which are really "highway" gears for these cars. The road course guys usually run 3.46 gears. It wasn't really designed to be a drag car. It will corner as fast as you have balls for.
0-60 in 3 something seconds, 3.5-3.7 seconds.
0-100 not sure but it comes up very fast. Your eyes have to be glued to the road.
Top end I have no idea, but they've proven to be limited to around 190-195 due to aerodynamics. That's why Carol came out with the Daytona Cobra. It aerodynamically could do over 200. Right at 220 if I'm not mistaken.
I have my rev limiter set at 7000rpm. It's really hard to describe from about 3800 to 7000. It sounds like all hell's breaking loose and everything's a blur.

Here's a couple cool video's. First one shows 0-100.

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