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Default RE: Do you consider Kelley Blue Book value fair?

Semi - 1/18/2005 9:00 PM

Gonna follow this question with another...

Anyone use a online service for truck shopping?

Pros? Cons?
We need to replace my wife's '89 Accord in the very near future, and I've taken a look at some of the online pricing/buying services, myself.

I guess it all depends on your motivation, and degree of dislike for visiting a dealership in person. I really don't mind working with a salesman, maybe 'cause I've worn those shoes myself. If I'm not bull-sh*tted, and am treated with respect, I'd rather see a salesman make a buck, even if it's just a minimum commission deal, than some back-room internet or fleet sales manager.

Also -- the *only* way that I know of to truly get the "best" price, is to battle it out, with an initial low-ball, and drag the process out over days.

I remember, thinking back -- many of the other salesman, and sales managers, used to hate dealing with certain ethnic groups, and would refuse to take them as an up, if they saw them on the lot. Why? Some of it was from plain old garden-variety, a*shole bigotry, and rest of the dislike came from the customer being a stubborn negotiator....They'd come in with a price just a hair over being ridiculous -- say we had $18,500 in the car, with a $750 incentive, the customer would want to buy at $17,200. And it would take a week to get 'em up another six or seven hundred, and we'd either sell the car at a scant $100-$300 gross, or else the sales manager would scream at me to "get those [racial epithet deleted] the F*CK off my lot!." Man. bringing back some memories -- I didn't do that job long, about a year -- but it was pretty...educational.

Anyway. A lot of people really hate dealerships, and for good and bad reasons. I think, yeah, in this case, an online buying service makes a lot of sense. I think you'll get a *good* price, for sure, with none of the haggling, and maybe, all-in-all that's best, since the most ball-busting buyers are going to get consumed with the bottom line, and never be entirely happy. Flip side is you might be buying sight unseen, no? A new car hasn't been titled -- that doesn't mean it might not have 1238 miles on it, from the lot boy tearing around in it, to get hamburgers, etc. Read the fine print.

Also -- and you may believe this or not, as you choose -- again thinking back, one of the lines of cars I sold was BMW's. At any given time, we might have had 3 or 4 identical models of 3-series in stock, except for paint differences. All 3 would have subtle differences in the way they drove...Could be many things; tire pressure, etc., but if you *have* a chance to take the pick of the litter, why not?

At any rate, for sure there's excellent pricing info out on the net, with Edmunds, carsdirect.com, etc....I would think in a couple hours you'd put yourself within a few hundred of a realistic bottom line, just by reading.

Not going to buy your bro's truck? What are you looking at?