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Default RE: Do you consider Kelley Blue Book value fair?

15 years ago, or so, when I sold cars for a short bit, the used car managers used what they called the "black book," and sure enough -- it was a small, black book. I believe it was NADA published on a subscription-only basis, to dealerships, and it was the only guide they'd look at.

No matter how clean the vehicle, they'd look it up under the "average" condition, and add/subtract for mileage or major items only, like auto. vs. manual, or lack of A/C.

IMO, if you want the truck, I would do my damndest to avoid being the one to "shock" your brother with some price you've derived from an online guide over the internet. (Though NADA "trade-in" seems reasonably accurate as a starting point). Anyway, you put yourself in a no-win situation, immediately.

How about this -- ask him to take his truck to the local dealership, and get it appraised. Offer $500 more than the wholesale (aka "trade-in" or "ACV") value he receives.

If you really want to be brutal, suggest he use the "CarMax -- we'll BUY your car!" service, which will be another $500 less than wholesale, even....