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Originally Posted by kaptharv View Post
One thing I got to say. I managed a customer service group in a company who sold military, commercial, and medical lasers and accessories. Very high tech stuff. 90% of out called wewre due to customer headspace--space in their head in lieu of brains. ( Some were doctorates in astrophysics who could not put a connector on a cable correctly) I instructed my staff as to when somone called in who had : attutude problems, personally attacked the service person, used profanity, etc. They were to tell the person that they are hanging up on him and call back when you calm down.

Now, that said, did you call the dealler and factory in on this?
Do you not trust the deslers ability to correct the problem, or do you think it needs to be returned to the factoiry?
Are you trying for "new boat?" (aint going to happen)

Call Luhrs, be civil and like Sgt Joe Friday in Dragnet "Just the facts". Mention that the dealer tried but cant handle what is wrong. Then ask them what can be done?

If they do not respond in a timely manor (a few weeks) get an attorney, and "retract your acceptance of delivery"
Also notify the bank if its financed. They can pressure a dealer like you cant imagine.

You haven't read the previous 2,268 posts, have you?
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