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Originally Posted by Soundbounder View Post
The UPS guys often seem like they are more professional, better trained, better paid etc.

FedEx has a high employee turnover rate where I am
My UPS driver Jim starts beeping as he is driving down my one way city street if he has any packages. You can hear him a block away. He pulls up grabs the package bangs on the door throws you the package and is back on his way and doesnt block the street. He also is smart enough to come to the residential section of his route after 5pm when people are actually home. He gives me his cell number and he has mine if I have something and not home.

When he takes time off they have to divide his route up into three sections because nobody else can do what he does in a single day. I hear he gets paid way more than any other driver...good for him. UPS recognizes his efforts and pays him for them.