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My FedEx home goods guy did that one two many times with the gate(6' drop) in the alley way between my townhome and the neighbors. I never go back there and he never left notes so I would wonder where packages are and then come out and check two days layer and there they were.

The last straw was when I had some mig wire shipped to me with some other welding stuff. I was away that week. Not only did he drop a 40lb small package 6' but it landed right in the middle of where all the rainwater runs. I got back and found a broken box soaked in water.

Called FedEx and complained. Next think I get a call from the actual idiot Driver begging me to call his supervisor and tell him everything was ok. I didn't because at that point things were far from ok and they fired the guy. My UPS guy is crazy but gets the job done all the time. No excuse for crap like that time after time.