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gameon - not sure where you are loacted, but go to and click on the "find a store" link. I am sure there is one very close to you. All of there inside sales force are very good at answering questions plue they will have everything you need. All of the replies posted are very good and it sounds like they have a lot of knowledge. I persoanlly have been welding or affiliated with welding in some shape, form or fashion for the past 26 years. You cannot go wrong with Lincoln or Miller (Hobart) is manufactured in the same plants as Miller in Appelton, WI. Either one of these manufactures will give you many years of service and not to mention, much enjoyment. If you only have ot work on a trailer, I would like to suggest either the MIG or Stick Welder. As a beginner, you will do a much better learning to weld with a MIG Welder since all you basically need to do is pull the trigger and "pay attention". With Stick Welding or GMAW, there is alot of skill involved such as "angle, arc distance, rod type, etc..... Not sure what size of trailer you are working on, but you would not need anything larger than a Miller Maxstar 150 - this machine will operate on either 120V or 220V - this machine will only allow you to Stick but it will last you a LIFETIME!!!!! If you would like to see the specs on this machine - go to and click on the products tab.... If you want a MIG Welder, take a look at the Miller 140 Auto Set - it has everything you will need - Regulator, Powersource, Hoses and it comes with a 1# spool of wire and an instructional DVD to help you get started.

Please note - I am no way affiliated with Miller - just one that has 20 years of experience with their products.

Good Luck

Good luck and if I can help you more, send me a PM and i will give you my cell number...