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I have a Hobart 135 which is older otherwise maybe the same thing as the one you posted. I'm also more or less homeowner recreational type welder fixer upper that basically got tired of borrowing the bosses and got my own. First off I've never used flux core in mine went straight to mig gas shield welding more or less because that's the way the one I borrowed was set up, and I liked it and it's far easier to learn than stick welding.

I'd also suggest especially for a beginner, get a auto-darkening helmet it's just makes it so much easier and well worth the investment. Now on to metals and flexibility the one twenty units well at least mine struggle with aluminum. Aluminum takes a lot of heat and a high spool speed to pull it off. If you're contemplating doing much aluminum you may want to consider a bigger more capable welder. Also if you plan on doing various metals and going mig choose your gas carefully. Some gases will cover adequately for crossover uses, some are metal specific and tank leases plus gas can get expensive pretty quick.