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Originally Posted by Tireless View Post
I am getting soaked for $18.5k on a $1m home in Buckhead. My wife and I are looking at houses in Vinings to reduce our tax bill and downsize. The middle school and high school sucks in Buckhead so we, along with all of our neighbors, sent our kids to private schools for the bargain cost of $18k per child per year. The positive side is the houses here haven't been decimated in the downturn and it's damn convenient living close to downtown. Did I mention the idiots that run Atlanta are worthless bags of sh#%.
It's ridiculous. I did get a reduction in my taxes this year though. They sent me a notice saying it was going up to $15K then about a few weeks later I got one saying it would be $11.5K for 2012.

Did you vote for what's her name who was going for mayor? She called me up and asked for my support but unfortunately I'm not an American Citizen so I can't vote. She was going to reduce our property taxes dramatically. Unfortunately the...errr...hmm...how can I put this...Southsiders? got motivated and kept their cash cow in place.

That run-off whereby all the "black vote" went automatically to Kasim Reed was bizarre.

I love America, I love living here, I love being fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to succeed, but you don't half have to put up with some weird chit.

I heard the school down the road from me was pretty good? Just past the horse place? I don't have kids so I dunno what I'm talking about really.

BTW, looking out over Chastain Park as I write this.