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the going rate down south for a complete tear off and replacement INCLUDING all materials, new vents and pipe collars,drip edge, roofing felt,permits and disposal fees is around $225 per square. and that is using Lifetime Guaranteed architectual shingles.

if you have a 2000 sq ft 2 story you only have about 1/2 of that footage as roof.
assuming 1300 sq ft of roof that equals 13 squares( 100 sq ft per square)

13 squares x $225 = $2925 for a entire new roof. add 25% for a steep pitch( over 12/12 ) and you still only get $3656 for an all new roof.

a couple hours is about right and we always send 2 men so $35 x 2 men = 70 per hour x 4 hours = $280 plus $50 max materials = $330

anything else is a rip off.

must be union roofers up there.