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Our town tax rate is jumping up by 18% next year to a rate of $17.99/$1000 of assessed value. Our assessed values made large jump several years ago and have climbed up a bit each year since. Not sure how that is with home values having plummetted.

Service-wise, each year they try to add in a new tax fee for trash or cut down on the amount of trash they can collect. It bounces back and forth each year. The roads in town are a mess from the last few years of winter beating them up. They are trying to fund a new police station. We built a new high school 2 years ago and can't afford the teachers or desks for it.

For that matter our school system is a mess and I pulled our daughter out this year to go to private. That puts enough of a hurting on my finances, nevermind the crazy taxes I am paying without my kid even going to school there. It is a pretty little seaside town, but I am thinking of moving further inland now. That would make my commute shorter and my daughters commute to school shorter. I would only travel to the boat on the weekends, so I am thinking of making the sacrifice of moving away from the water.

I can't stand the taxes I am paying now. Of the many towns in our area we were the 2nd highest. We will be the highest in a month. I don't understand the reasoning in this economy of killing us with taxes. I have looked at the town budget for year 2012 and they are expecting a 3% budget increase. Huh?!?! I work for a large company and for 2012 if you asked for a budget increase you would be shot. We have been running flat for the last couple of years and next will run a negative budget from this year. How do they get away with a 3% budget increase and then raise the property taxes 8%? Budget increase is a little over $2M for 2012, I roughly calculate the property tax increase should mean an extra 3.5-5M. Does anyone really know how our local governments are spending our money, nevermind the federal!