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Originally Posted by Bamby View Post
I've installed Allure Trafficmaster (home depot?) in both our house and boat a few years ago. So far we've been pleased with it. It goes down fast without any gluing because it's free floating product. The only fault I've observed has been on the boat, when it gets "cold" the seams open up just a bit, but you shouldn't encounter the issue in your basement.
I used Allure last year when I renovated my moms house. We had a little trouble keeping the butt joints tight, but overall the floor came out nice. I read a review about someone who used it over concrete and they mentioned a considerable amount of mold developed underneath it.
The walls in the basement are wood paneling so adding more wood would be overkill unless I painted the walls. Laminate flooring will soak up water like a sponge, engineered flooring is suppose to be better but not ideal.
Ill look into the polypropylene carpet

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