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Default Pat yourself on the back!

Share a story where you helped.

My daughter and I were coming home from getting some subs after dark a couple days ago and we see a guy waving a flashlight as we were coming through the state woods. This is in the middle of nowhere so I pull over. My 11 yo daughter was scared and I had reservations. She armed herself with my scent killer spray just in case.
The guy was pretty drunk and took a right turn and seemed like he didnt straighten the wheel to come out of it. I saw he was flat down in the bottom of a ditch with the roof of his truck literally the same level as the road...He asked for a tow..I thought no way in hell's half acre am I getting him out without a winch...I had one of those yellow straps and we hooked up anyways. I put my f150 in 4wd. He started his truck and it was gurgling b/c the muffler was under water. Im pretty sure he must have had water in the car it was so deep.
I started and he just sat there. My truck didnt move a bit...I backed up a bit and yelled to him to hit it and I would snatch him. Sure enough we moved abt 10 ft but he was still flat in the bottom. I backed up again and pointed further to the left and snatched him again. This time we got moving and after about 40 feet he came up and out. Lucky I was hooked to his upside bumper coming out or he probably would have flipped.

I couldnt believe it. The poor dumbass got a gift that day. I thought he wanted to hug and kiss me.