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Originally Posted by alldayallnight View Post
haha better bees living inside meter box, than water inside engine )
Not if you are the guy that services inside meter boxes.

The great thing about yellow jackets is they attack movement when pissed. I don't care how close you are to a pissed off hive, if you freeze dead in your motion you will Not get stung! ....my older brother and I are the self proclaimed Master Wasp Killers.

Wasps attack movement whereas bumble bees attack a physical presence or foreign object. If one bumble bee stings you he tells everyone else to attack and sting you, whereas yellow jackets do not have that level of communication….they only attack movement. Soooooo, if you are getting stung by a yellow jacket and you are in amongst a pissed of hive, suck it up and take the one sting like a man, that or run like the wind. My brother and my action would be to become a statue and wait them out....they only buzz about for a minute or two at best before they settle down..............oh, no blinking either.
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